Eagle Carving

Carved Eagle

Dead man switch

While I’m waiting for the many coats of paint to dry on my Christmas carvings ( which I will post pictures of Dec. 26 )  I’ve been subcontracting for another woodcarver. Operating this crazy machine called a duplicator . It does a nice job roughing out wood carvings.

Eagle carving

Roughed out eagles

This duplicator has 8 heads,4 on each side spinning in opposite directions to balance out the torque. You place a finished carving in the middle , in this instance a 3foot eagle. Then 4 appropriate sized blocks of wood on either side. By running a tracer the same size as all your tool bits over your finished carving you direct the 8 router heads to rough out the same shape as your finished carving.

Operating this massive machine is very hard work, and it is completely intolerant and unforgiving of mistakes. What ever happens good or bad happens 8 times. It’s very noisy and wood chips fly. I love it.

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